by John Siegfried
Historian & Writer


by John Siegfried
Historian & Writer



People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.
—George Orwell

"I found this manuscript Six Degrees to be the most compelling and complete anthology of the entire Vietnam War, which I happened to have participated in.”   

                                                                                                                                                                 — Dick Hrebik Major USMC (Ret.)

“Vietnam is the gift that never stops giving. There is no cure for PTSD as it stays with you. PTSD is a physiological disorder. Further, herbicide exposure continues to raise its head in terms of diabetes, leukemia; different types of heart problems  New cases that arrive in my office suffer from hand tremors, Regarding PTSD and Agent Orange exposure, it is never over. It is very sad.”

– Dr. Howard Cowen PhD

"John Siegfried writes 'I, too, have some regrets. When crossing paths with younger folks or professionals my age, I never fail to tell them one of my regrets is not having served this country.' Through his thorough research and comprehensive interviews of those who served in all branches of the military or were directly impacted, on both sides, by the decade and a half Vietnam War, John has served his country well with this work. From a Vietnam veteran’s perspective, he has masterfully incorporated the experiences of many who served in the armed forces of this country and their family members along with introspective insights in the lives of Vietnamese soldiers and civilians on both sides. Ultimately, it raises all of the positive and negative emotions of the era, yet presents a sense of dignity for so many of those who are still searching for closure. Kudos to John…you have served us well.”

– George W. Schuler MG, USA (Ret.)

 “John Siegfried presents us with a compilation of compelling, raw human narratives that shed light on the enduring, often marginalized, consequences of the Vietnam War experience.”

– Dr. Roger K. Pitman, M.D.
Professor of Psychiatry
Harvard Medical School
Massachusetts General Hospital

“…a book from the heart.”

– Wayne Karlin
USMC, Vietnam
Professor, College of Southern Maryland
Author of Wandering Souls

 “Americans will struggle to come to terms with the Vietnam War well into this century. There can be no better window into the dark soul of America’s longest conflict than John Siegfried’s book. These intimate portraits, spoken directly to us by the men and women who were there, tell of the enduring grip of that war.It is a riveting story which may terrify some, but is important to all of us.”

– Carol & John Garrard
Co-authors of The Bones of Berdichev: the Life & Fate of Vasily Grossman & Russian Orthodoxy Resurgent: Faith & Power in the New Russia

 “I was always looking forward to the next story, because I had no hint as to what was going to come next. So many different points of view. What a parade of characters. I have never read nor seen a book like John has put together. I found myself speed reading, so (I) could get to the next story. Unfortunately, I am not a speed reader. When I returned from Vietnam, I knew that I had experienced a rough time and that I had done just about everything. And when I met other Vietnam Veterans, their experience put me in my place. Your book took me back to that realization. It’s a good reminder.”

– Nikolaos E. Dunbar
Sergeant USMC, Vietnam
CAP Commander

 “John Siegfried had a fire in his belly when he wrote Six Degrees of the Bracelet: Vietnam’s Continuing Grip. That
is the foremost reason to read this work but not the only one. This high-quality work will significantly add
to our understanding of the Vietnam experience. His interpretation is fair and balanced. The good, bad,
and ugly are all exposed. John proves that he is extremely knowledgeable concerning the political, social,
and economic issues of the era.”

Dr. Robert L. Scheina
U.S. Coast Guard Historian, 1978-1990
Professor, National Defense University, 1990-2001